How do I create or upload a creative brief?

Create or upload a creative brief to StreamWork so that everyone in the campaign can stay in the know.

Tired of losing track of the creative brief? Create a creative brief in StreamWork or upload an existing one. 

To create a creative brief:

1. From inside of a campaign, click on the “Campaign info” button in the upper right hand corner of the main campaign page.

2. In the “Details” tab, start mapping out your creative brief. Everyone who has access to the campaign will also be able to access the creative brief and any assets or links added to the brief.

3. To get started, your campaign creation date will be auto filled based on the date the campaign was created. You can also set a due date so the team knows the drop dead deadline for campaign completion.

4. Start filling in campaign details. Click “Edit” to edit the fields, or select “+ Add new field” to add new fields and more information. 

5. If you’d like to attach links or reference material to the creative brief, you can drop them into the “Other notes” field.

6. If you have an existing creative brief already drafted, you can attach directly.