How do I delete an asset in my account?

Delete an asset anytime. You will have 30 days to retrieve it before it is permanently deleted from StreamWork.

There are two ways to delete a video or creative asset in StreamWork:

1. Click the asset thumbnail settings menu

2. Delete the asset from inside of the Media Viewer


To delete an asset from the thumbnail settings menu:

1. Choose the thumbnail of the asset you would like to delete.

2. Click the 3 dot settings menu located on the lower right side of the thumbnail.

3. Select "Delete"

4. A window will appear asking if you are sure you'd like to delete the asset, as well as all versions stacked with the asset.

5. If you'd like to delete the asset, select "Yes"

6. To see the deleted asset, go to "Assets" in the main navigation panel --> "Deleted."

7. The asset you deleted will appear in the trash. The deleted asset will remain here for 30 days, after which point it will be permanently deleted from StreamWork. 

8. If you'd like to restore the asset or delete forever immediately, click the 3 dot settings menu underneath the asset thumbnail on the right hand side.