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How do I leave my feedback on an asset?

You can comment on an asset, or even draw directly on it, to get your feedback across.

There are two ways to review an asset in StreamWork:

  1. You receive a share link requesting you to review an asset
  2. You have access to an asset in a campaign and would like to leave feedback on it.

In both scenarios, you have the ability to leave feedback—or comments and annotations—directly on the creative asset. Any feedback you leave on the asset will live on that version of the asset and will be accessible to anyone else who has access to that asset.

For example, if a version of a video is shared with you to review, any comments you leave on the video will be visible to you, anyone else who has been invited to review the asset, and the internal team working on the asset.

Tip: If you would like your feedback on a creative asset to be private to only yourself or select people, move the creative asset to a folder inside of a campaign and choose who has access to it. When you're ready for more people to weigh-in, add the latest version of the asset to a campaign (unstacked from previous versions). Anyone with access to the campaign will also be able to access and leave feedback on the asset.

Leaving feedback on an asset is simple and straightforward. Follow these steps:

1. Open the share link you received or click on the asset thumbnail in StreamWork to open the asset in Media Viewer.

2. The asset will open in Media Viewer, an interface where you can view and collaborate on any asset in StreamWork. If you’re viewing a video, you can play, pause, rewind the video directly in your browser. 

3. To leave a comment on the asset, start typing your comment directly in the comment box on the right hand side of the screen. When you start typing a comment, the video automatically pauses. The timecode of the comment will be saved alongside the comment so you and your team always know what the comment is referring to in the asset.

Tip: You can adjust the timecode or even create a timecode range that corresponds with your comment. A timecode range is helpful if the feedback you are providing on a video applies to multiple timecodes, or a sequence of a video.

4. In addition to leaving text feedback, you also have the option to annotate—or draw—directly on the asset to make sure your feedback is clear. To do so, click on the stars icon in the top right corner of the creative asset to open the annotation toolbar.


5. To annotate, you can choose from one of several tools in the floating toolbar. Annotation options include:

  • Marker: Draw directly on the asset to make your point clear
  • Arrow: Draw an arrow on the asset to point to spot on the asset
  • Shape: Select a shape (circle, box, rectangle) to outline an area on the asset
  • Text: Type text directly on the asset
  • Hand (images, documents and PDFs only), use the hand to pan around the asset


6. Once you are done typing a comment and/or drawing an annotation, press the send symbol to submit your comment. The comment will appear in the comment panel on the right side of the screen. You can reply to other people's comments, heart comments, delete or resolve comments all in the Media Viewer.

Watch how to leave feedback on a video: