How do I manage my email notifications?

You can manage your email notification preferences anytime from your Profile settings.

We know the frequency and type of email notifications matter

Our goal is to notify you in a timely and useful manner, while ensuring you are in control of what updates you receive. You can set the frequency and time zone of your notifications to ensure you’re receiving them at the right time. You can also choose to subscribe or unsubscribe from all email notifications related to a campaign. 

We also enable you to opt-in/ opt-out of notifications for the majority of actions that occur in your account. For example: If you’d like to know when someone invites you to a campaign, but not know when a task due date has changed, you can specify that. 

Tip: You can also control the type and frequency of your in-product notifications. 


To manage your notification preferences:

1. Click on your avatar in the top right corner of StreamWork and select “Profile settings”

2. Select the “Notifications” tab

3. You will see the “Email notification preferences” where you can choose how often you would like to receive notifications about your account activity in StreamWork. 

4. Set the frequency of your email notifications. Options are daily, hourly, 30 minutes, 15 minutes.

Note: If there is a lot of activity occurring in a campaign at once, email notifications will be bundled into a single email to prevent your inbox from being inundated with messages. We will send a batch email summarizing the most recent activity in the campaign you’re invited to at the frequency you’ve specified.

5. Choose your timezone. We’ll automatically set notifications to be sent on the timezone of your IP address. If you’d like to change this, feel free to select a different timezone.

6. Choose which campaigns you would like to receive notifications from or not. You can toggle on or off notifications.

7. If you are subscribed to campaign notifications, you can specify what type of notifications you receive. Notifications can be specified by the type of action, and you can choose whether you receive an email notification, in-app notification, or both for each respective action.