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How do I set contributor permissions?

Setting contributor permissions is straight-forward.

Anyone, inside your organization or not, can be invited as a contributor to a campaign. Contributors only have access to the campaigns they are invited to, which means they can not access anything else within the broader workspace.

When a contributor is invited to a campaign, you have the ability to set campaign-specific contributor permissions. These permissions apply to all contributors added to the campaign. Permissions include:

  • Downloads assets in campaign
  • Invite other contributors to the campaign
  • Share campaign assets

Any of these permissions can be turned on or off for all contributors within a campaign.

To set contributor permissions:

  1. Go to the “Campaigns” tab in the main navigation, and then select “All campaigns.” Click on “Campaign information” in the top right corner.

2. Once in the campaign information window, you will see four tabs: Details, Members, Shared links, Settings. Select "Settings" and set campaign-specific permissions for all contributors added to the campaign. You can choose whether a contributor invited to the campaign is able to download files, invite other contributors or share external links.