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How do I stack and manage asset versions?

Stack asset versions to keep track of how creative assets have evolved overtime.

There are two places where you can stack asset versions:

  1. From inside of a campaign 
  2. From inside the Media Viewer

To stack versions in the campaign page:

1. Go to the campaign tab in the main navigation panel and select a campaign.

2. Upload a new version of an asset, or if the new version is already in StreamWork, simply click on the asset thumbnail and drag it on top of another thumbnail. 

3. The assets will be automatically stacked. 

Note: The asset thumbnail that was dragged on top of an existing asset will be identified as the most recent version. Ex. If you drag an asset on top of an existing asset, the existing asset would be v1, and the asset drag and dropped on top would be v2.

4. To manage asset versions, click on the version icon.

5. This will open a version management window. Here you can remove any versions from a version stack. If you remove a version, the version will reappear as a standalone asset in the campaign.


To stack versions inside of the Media viewer:


1. Click on an asset thumbnail to open the Media Viewer.

2. On the top right hand side, you will see a version icon. This icon shows you what version of the asset you are currently viewing in the Media Viewer.

3. To upload a new version, click the “+” symbol.

4. An upload asset window will appear. You can upload directly from your computer, or drag & drop an asset into StreamWork. Once uploaded, the version will be automatically stacked.

5. If multiple versions are already stacked, you can click the version icon to see the list of  versions (ex. V1, V2, V3). Click on any version in the list to view it in the Media Viewer window. It’s easy to move between versions.