How do I turn a comment into a task?

Turn a comment on a creative asset into a task to ensure nothing falls through the cracks.

To turn a comment into a task:

1. Click on an asset thumbnail to open the creative asset in the Media Viewer.

2. Start typing in a comment, and an “Add as a task” box will appear beneath the comment area.

3. Check the box “Add as a task”

4. Decide if you would like to assign the task to someone in the campaign (or not), and whether you’d like the task to belong to a task group (or not).

5. When you submit the comment, a task pop-up will immediately appear. You have the option to add additional detail to the task including:
    • Status
    • Due Date and time
    • Assignee(s)
    • Priority

You can type comments directly into the task and even @ mention people. 

Note: The campaign and asset will be assigned to this task automatically. You won’t be able to change this as the task is tied to the campaign and asset where you originally created the task.


6. You can see the task in the “task” panel on the right hand side of the Media Viewer (it’s usually hidden underneath comments)

7. The task will also appear in the Campaign -> task tab either in the task group you’ve assigned it to, or in “No assigned task group” if a task group was not assigned.

Watch how a comment is turned into a task