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What is a member?

A member is a user with a paid seat in an organization. They are a core member of the team and require access to campaigns and creative assets in a workspace.

There are five roles in StreamWork: Admin, Workspace Manager, Member, and Contributor and Reviewer. A member is a user with a paid seat in an organization (account). Admin and Workspace managers can add members to as many workspaces as they’d like so that members can collaborate directly with other members and roles.  Members are core members of your team who need access to most campaigns and creative assets in a workspace and will be actively collaborating with others.

Members are able to:

  • Create campaigns 
  • Create folders
  • Invite existing workspace members to campaigns or folders
  • Invite external contributors (i.e. vendors or contractors) to campaigns or folders
  • Delete campaigns and folders
  • Upload assets
  • Create, manage, edit and delete tasks
  • Revert comments to tasks
  • Comment, reply and annotate on assets 
  • Share external links
  • Create an approval workflow for an asset and invite reviewers
  • Edit an approval workflow

Note: Role permissions are subject to change.