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What is Approval routing?

Route videos and creative assets through automated, multi-stages of approvals.

Approval routing enables you to route an asset through multiple stages of stakeholder approvals in a few easy steps. You can choose a specific version of an asset to route through approvals, determine who should review the asset, and what permissions each reviewer will have once they receive a link to the asset (i.e. whether they can comment, leave a decision on an asset, or view the asset only).

The idea behind approval routing is based on our founder’s experience working in Google Marketing where they used a manual framework for approvals called the DACI (an acronym that stands for Driver, Approver, Consulted, Informed). This framework enabled the team to map out which cross-functional stakeholders needed to weigh-in on a creative asset, and what role they had. The framework worked great, but manually filling out the information for every creative asset and emailing each stakeholder for approvals, was a logistical mess. That’s why we’ve automated it and built it into StreamWork - so your team doesn’t need to manually route a creative asset through approvals ever again.

To get started with approval routing:

  1. Click on the asset you would like to route through approvals and open it in the Media Viewer
  2. Click on the approval routing icon in the top right hand corner of the media viewer
  3. The approval routing window will appear. This is where you can set-up your approval routing sequence.
  4. To get started, choose the name of your first stage (ex. if you route videos to legal first, your first stage may be "Legal team"). You can type the stage name directly into the text box.
  5. Next, set a due date for the stage (ex. Legal team needs to review a video by Friday at noon).
  6. Next, type in an email to add a reviewer. Reviewers can be anyone inside or outside of your organization.
  7. Once reviewers are added, select their permissions (i.e. does the reviewer have the ability to comment on the creative asset, leave a decision on it, etc.)

  8. When you’re done adding reviewers, determine when the stage will be considered complete. For example, do all reviewers need to weigh-in for the stage to be complete, or does just one reviewer need to weigh-in?

  9. If you'd like to take advantage of any advanced approval settings, check out our "Settings" tab.

10. When you're ready, press route to automatically route the asset through approvals.

11. You can see status of each stakeholder’s review in the Campaigns —> Approvals tab at any time.

Advanced approval routing

Depending on your StreamWork plan, you may have the option to route creative assets through multiple stages of review. If you have this option included in your plan, you can set-up several stages of reviews, with multiple reviewers assigned to each stage, and StreamWork will take care of routing approvals through each stage automatically. You can view all progress (and whether any reviewers are holding up approvals) in the Campaigns —> Approvals tab.

If you would like to take advantage of more advanced approval workflows with multiple reviewers included, check out our Team or Enterprise plans here.


Watch approval routing in action