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What is StreamWork?

StreamWork is a productivity platform built for teams who work on video and creative assets.

StreamWork is a one-stop platform where teams can project manage, review and approve video and creative assets.

With StreamWork, your team can upload all assets in your campaign - including videos, graphics, logos, and more - to a single shared space. You can view creative assets in your browser, leave comments and annotations directly on videos, images and more, and share the final version with unlimited stakeholders to weigh-in.

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StreamWork enables you to launch creative faster. Task manage your entire campaign in StreamWork and track feedback across asset versions. When you’re ready,  route an asset through smart, multi-stage approvals. For instance, if you’d like your manager to review the latest video cut first, then your VP, you can create custom approval stages to make sure the video is routed to the right person, at the right time for sign-off. 

Questions? Chat with our support team by clicking the chat bubble in the lower right corner, or email hello@streamwork.com for a personalized demo.