How do I create a folder?

You can create folders inside of campaigns to further organize your videos and creative assets.

Folders can be shared with everyone in the campaign, or private to yourself or a few specific people. You control who has access.

Tip: Keep in mind that anyone with access to a folder, also has access to all creative assets (and versions) in that folder. In addition, they have access to all tasks, approvals and feedback related to the creative assets stored in the folder.


To create a folder:

1. Go to “All campaigns” in the main navigation panel on the left hand side, and click on a campaign.

2. Once in a campaign, click the “Folders +” icon

3. A folder creation window will appear. Name the folder then choose who has access. If the folder is shared, all campaign members can access the folder and its contents.

4. If the folder is private, only select people you choose can access the folder and its contents. 

5. If you select private folder, the next screen after you press create will prompt you to confirm who has access to the private folder. You will be shown a list of all people who have access to the campaign the folder lives in. You can choose if these individuals can also access this folder or not by toggling on or off access. 

Tip: Anyone, inside or outside your organization, can be added to a campaign and folder. To do so, you can invite them as a contributor. Learn how to invite contributors to your campaign in this Help Center article.

6. If you prefer for the folder to remain private to you only, select “Private to me”