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How do I create a task group

Task groups help to organize all of the to-dos in your campaign.

To create a task group:

1. Go to the "Task" tab inside of a campaign

2. In a new account, you will see a task group named "No task group assigned." You will also see a "+ Add task group" button on the lower left side. Click this button.

3. A new task group will appear called "New group". Task groups look like grey rows. You can click these grey rows to expand them.

4. Name the task group by click on the 3 dot settings menu, then selecting "Rename task group." You will be prompted to rename the task group inline.

5. Next, start adding tasks to the task group. To do this, select the "+ Add task" button. Learn more about how to create a task in this Help Center article.

6. If you'd like to delete a task group, click the same 3 dot settings menu, and select "delete."

Watch how to create a task group and a task