How do I invite members to a workspace?

You can invite members from the main navigation panel or from within Admin settings.

There are two ways to invite members to a workspace:

  1. From the main navigation panel on the left-hand side of the screen
  2. From within “Admin settings”

To invite a member from the main navigation panel:

1. Click on the workspace name in the main navigation panel on the left-hand side of the screen.

2. Select “Invite to workspace”

3. A window will appear where you can invite members via email or with an invite link.


4. To invite via email, start typing in the user’s name or email address into the field. If the user has an existing account in StreamWork, their name will appear. If not, you’ll need to type in their full email address and press enter.

IMPORTANT: Don’t forget to assign the user a role in StreamWork. This will determine their access level and permissions. Learn more about different roles in StreamWork in this Help Center article.


5. You can choose to type a custom message. This message will be sent to the user via email along with their StreamWork invite. 

6. When you’re done, press “Invite to workspace” to automatically send invites to the email addresses entered.

7. If you’d prefer to copy/paste and share a link with someone, click on the “Invite link” tab

8. By default, the link will be disabled. To create a publicly shareable link, click on the downward arrow next to “Disabled” and select “Public.”

9. A publicly shareable link will be automatically generated. Copy/paste and share the link with anyone you’d like to invite to the workspace.

To invite a member from within Admin settings:

1. Click on your avatar in the top right corner of StreamWork and select “Admin settings”

2. Click on the organization tab within Admin settings

3. You will see all workspaces that have been created in the account. Click on “+ Invite member”

4. You will see the same “Invite to workspace” screen where you can invite users via email or an invite link.