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How do I see Approval routing status?

Once an asset is routed for approvals, you can check the status of all reviewer decisions on an asset at anytime.

To see the status of an asset that has been routed for approval:

1. Go to Campaigns

2. Check the status of all reviewer decisions in the "Approvals tab." Any assets that have been routed for approvals in a campaign will be tracked here.

3. You can see what version of the asset was shared, the current reviewers per stage, and the status of their review.

Note: Each time a reviewer opens the approval routing link shared with them, comments on it, or leaves a decision (i.e. approved, not approved, approved with changes), a status update will appear in this tab. This enables your team to see the status of each asset in approval, per reviewer, in once spot.

4. You can also see if an asset has been routed for approval by looking at the asset thumbnail. If the asset is currently being reviewed an "In Progress" label will appear on the asset. 

5. In addition, assets currently being routed for approvals will have a green dot next to the approval routing icon in the Media Viewer. If approval routing is complete, a small check mark will appear in lieu of the green dot.

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