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How do you add a reviewer to approval routing?

You can route a version of an asset through approvals to reviewers of your choice.

To add a reviewer to approval routing:

1. Select the version of the asset you would like to route for approval and click to open in the Media Viewer. 

2. Next, select on the approval routing icon in the top right corner of the Media Viewer screen.

2. Open the approval routing builder

3. Start typing the email address of the person you would like to review the asset into the “Stage reviewers” form field. Any reviewers you’ve shared with previously will appear in a list. If a reviewer’s email doesn’t appear, simply add their email and press enter.

4. Once you select a reviewer, they will appear in the reviewer list where you have the option to select their approval permissions. Approval permissions are set per reviewer. All permissions will be selected by default, but you have the ability to uncheck any permissions. 

Permissions include the following:
  • Comment: Reviewer has ability to leave comments on a creative asset
  • Decision: Reviewer has ability to leave a decision on a creative asset. Decisions include: approved, not approved, approved with feedback (i.e. comments should be incorporated, but usually reviewer does not need to see subsequent versions of the asset).
  • View: Reviewer has the ability to view a creative asset. View is always selected by default, and there is not an option to remove view from a reviewer's permission set (i.e. If someone is added as a reviewer, they will be able to view the asset)
  • Upload: Reviewer has the ability to upload new versions of an asset to an approval workflow while it is in progress. Learn more about how this works in this Help Center article.
  • Priority: Reviewer comments are considered high priority and a fire emoji 🔥 appears next to any comments they leave in the Media Viewer. 

Note: Only the person who originally routed the asset for approval, and those with approval routing "manage" permission, can see priority comments. Otherwise, priority comments are hidden to all other users and reviewers.

  • Manage: Reviewer has ability to manage approval routing for the current creative asset. If a reviewer has manage ability, they can see and manage everything in the approval workflow, including adding/deleting reviewers, priority comments and more.
  • Download: Reviewer will be able to download the creative asset shared with them to review.

5. Once all reviewers are added to a stage, choose whether you would like to create additional stages. If yes, repeat the same steps above.

6. Once all stages are set-up, press "Route" to route the asset through approvals.

Note: The asset will be routed in sequence of stages, meaning it will start with stage 1, progress to stage 2 (once stage 1 is complete) and so on. You can track the status of all approvals and reviewers in the Campaigns —> Approvals tab.


Learn more about how to track approval routing status in this Help Center article.