What is a campaign?

Campaigns are how you organize creative assets, tasks, approvals and feedback in StreamWork.

A campaign is how videos and creative assets are organized in StreamWork.

Tip: Creating a campaign is simple, to create one check out this Help Center article.

Campaigns are a powerful way to organize all creative assets, tasks, approvals, and feedback in StreamWork. You can plan your entire campaign in StreamWork, from start to finish. 

Watch how to get started with campaigns

Few things to know about campaigns:

  • Security: Campaigns can be shared or private. If shared, the campaign will be shared with all individuals in the workspace. If private, you choose who will have access to the campaign.
  • Uploading assets: You can upload nearly any type of creative asset to campaigns. Check out our supported creative asset types.
  • Folders: You can create shared or private folders in campaigns to better organize your creative assets.
  • Search: You can easily search for assets in campaigns, just type what you’re looking for in the campaign-specific search bar.
  • Version stacking: You can drag and drop creative assets on top of each other to create a version stack. You can even manage the version stack.
  • Campaign Info: You can create or upload a creative brief to keep everyone in the know, manage members, and keep tabs on all shared links
  • Invite anyone: Invite anyone, inside or outside your organization to campaigns to collaborate. You can set campaign-specific permissions for external contributors.

StreamWork campaigns are powerful, it’s where your team collaborates, project manages, and approves creative assets.