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What is the dashboard?

The dashboard is your personalized hub in StreamWork.

The dashboard is where you first land in StreamWork. You can think of it as the hub of StreamWork, and it’s personalized to you.

On the dashboard, you will find:

  1. Tasks assigned to you
  2. Creative assets for your review
  3. Recently opened assets 

Tasks assigned to you

This is where you can see a glimpse of all tasks currently assigned to you by yourself or others in StreamWork. 

Click on any task to open it. You can start working directly on the task right from the dashboard.

My approvals

See a list of all assets that have been assigned to you to review OR assets that you’ve routed through approvals. This is a bird’s eye view of what’s in approval, and the current status.

Click on the asset thumbnail to navigate directly to the creative asset and view the approval routing status.

Tip: Click the approval routing icon to see the latest approval routing set-up. The green dot indicates the asset in currently being routed for approvals and reviewers have been asked to weigh-in with feedback.

Recently opened assets

View what assets you’ve recently opened in your account at anytime. Creative assets include videos, images, PDFs, audio files, GIFs and more.

Click the asset thumbnail to start collaborating on it with others in the Media Viewer. Learn more about the Media Viewer in this Help Center article.