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How do I collaborate on an asset in StreamWork?

Collaborating with others on an asset in StreamWork is easy. Click an asset thumbnail to get started.

Anyone with access to the asset will be able to open it in Media Viewer and collaborate on it. This means your team can leave comments on the asset and even draw on it.

Tip: If you’d prefer only specific people collaborate on a creative asset you’ve uploaded, see how to control who sees what in StreamWork in this Help Center article.

If the creative asset is a video, you can leave comments on specific time codes. All comments will appear in the comment panel on the right side of the Media Viewer, and any comments and annotations drawn on the asset will correspond with the exact timecode of the feedback.


To collaborate on an asset:

  1. Open the share link you received or click on an asset thumbnail in StreamWork to open the asset in Media Viewer.

2. The asset will open in Media Viewer, an interface where you can view and collaborate on any asset in StreamWork. If you’re viewing a video, you can play, pause, rewind the video directly in your browser. 

Tip: Learn how to leave comments on a video or creative asset, or even draw on it, in this Help Center article.