How do I manage links that have been shared?

You can manage share links inside of each campaign.

There are two ways to share assets outside of StreamWork for others to collaborate on:

  1. Create a share link
  2. Route an asset through approvals and invite reviewers


Tip: To learn more about the difference between share links and routing an asset through approvals, check out this Help Center article.


Both share links and approval routing links can be shared with unlimited people, inside or outside your organization, for free.


To manage links that have been shared externally:

    1. Go to “Campaigns” in the main navigation, then select “All campaigns.” Click into the campaign you are working on.  

    2. Once in the campaign, click on “Campaign information” in the top right corner to open the campaign information window. 

    3. Select the “Shared links” tab. 

    4. The “Shared links” tab shows you all links that have been shared externally in the campaign. You can toggle the link on or off, even after it has been sent.  

Tip: When you turn the link off, the link will no longer be active and anyone with the link will no longer be able to open it. 


5. You can also see how many times the link has been viewed. 

If you’d like to see an overview of all approval routing links that have been sent, check out this Help Center article on approval routing status.