What’s the difference between a share link and approval routing?

There are two ways to share assets outside of StreamWork, at no cost.

There are two ways to share assets outside of StreamWork for others to collaborate on:

  1. Create a share link
  2. Route an asset through stakeholder approvals

Tip: Both share links and approval routing links can be shared with unlimited people, inside or outside your organization, for free.


Share links enable you to quickly share an asset with someone inside or outside your organization to view or comment on, for free. You share an asset on the Media Viewer page by clicking the “Share button.”

Learn more about how to share an asset with others in this Help Center article.

Approval routing is a powerful way to route a specific version of an asset to either one or several stakeholders to weigh-in. With approval routing, you can route an asset through multiple stages of reviews, and reviewers can weigh-in with decisions. 

Learn more about setting up approval routing in this Help Center article.