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How do I share an asset with other people?

Sharing a creative asset with anyone, inside or outside your organization, is easy with share links and approval routing.

There are two ways to share an asset outside of StreamWork for others to collaborate on:

  1. Share links: Share an asset from the Media Viewer page
  2. Approval routing: Route an asset for stakeholder approval 

To learn more about routing an asset through stakeholder approval, check out this Help Center article.

Both share links and approval routing links can be shared with unlimited people, inside or outside your organization, for free.

To share an asset, follow these steps:

1. Select the asset you would like to share. Click on the asset thumbnail to open it in the Media Viewer. 

2. In the Media Viewer, select the “Share” button in the top right corner.

3. Next, choose who you would like to share the asset with by typing in their username or email. You can share an asset with unlimited people inside or outside of StreamWork at no cost. People who receive the link do not need a StreamWork account to access the link or leave comments on the asset.


4. Choose whether or not to send a custom message as part of the external link. 

4. Next, choose what permissions reviewers who receive the link will have with a simple toggle. You can choose whether the recipient of the asset can:
    • Comment on the asset
    • Download the asset

5. You can also choose whether to apply a password to the share link or not. To add a password, click “Add a password” and write in the password you would like to associate with the link. You will need to share this password with the recipient to ensure they can access the link.

7. Press “Send link” to send the link to the recipient(s) for review.